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For more information on this course please refer to the MfE Making Good Decisions: A training, assessment and certification programme for RMA decision-makers website:
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An independent hearing commissioner acts as an arbitrator at hearings. They must not have any conflicts of interest with the case, that is, they must be independent and not have any pre-determined prejudices towards the issue/s being discussed. Their role is to define the differences of the issue or issues being presented and understand what each group is trying to achieve. A hearing commissioner determines the outcome of a hearing based solely on what evidence and information each group presents during the hearing.

Independent hearing commissioners are not planners or mediators. A hearing commission must listen to the evidence and identify a decision in a fair and timely manner. They are certified to conduct hearings in matters relating to the management of natural resources on behalf of regional and district councils.

The Ministry for the Environment (MfE) runs a course for individuals, councillors and board members who would like to become certified Independent Hearing Commissioners. Becoming certified will increase your chances of being chosen to participate in resource consent hearings.


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