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The RMAct Proactive section of the website is defined by western resource planning processes and tools that enable whanau, hapū and iwi to be at the front end of a process. There is a focus around Māori being at the decision making table and this can be in the form of partnership or co-governance arrangements or Maori representation on local authorities. It could also come in the form of Joint Management Agreements or Transfers of Powers which are existing tools within the Resource Management Act 1991. There has also been increasing use of adaptive management and collaborative governance arrangements where parties seek to develop shared understanding before the formal planning processes begin.

By taking a place at the front end of the planning process, it is envisaged that Maori will be in a better position to avoid or mitigate systemic problems in working in the environmental sector.  Without being part of the process upfront Maori may continue to be subject to situations that focus on their input in the last stages of a project, issue or process, that then lead to less than positive outcomes for all involved.


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December 12, 2012

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December 12, 2012


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