Iwi / Hapu Management Plans

A way to measure and assess the environmental health of a site or resource.

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Frequently asked questions on Iwi Management Plans.
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Ngai Tahu ki Murihiku Natural Resource Environmental Iwi Management Plan.
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Mahaanui Iwi Management Plan 2013
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Protecting the Health and Wellbeing of Papatuanuku, Ranginui and Nga Ariki Kaiputahi
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An iwi management plan (IMP) is a term commonly applied to a resource management plan prepared by an iwi, iwi authority, rūnanga or hapū. 
IMPs are generally prepared as an expression of rangatiratanga to help iwi and hapū exercise their kaitiaki roles and responsibilities. IMPs are a written statement identifying important issues regarding the use of natural and physical resources in their area.

While the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) does not define IMPs, it refers to these plans as ‘planning documents recognised by an iwi authority ‘. IMPs are often holistic documents that cover more than RMA matters. They may assume a variety of shapes and forms; from formal planning documents similar to council policy documents, to informal statements of iwi policies, or a series of detailed memos or reports.

The development of IMPs goes hand in hand with a process for agencies to be able to understand and give due consideration to the views expressed in these documents in their everyday business.

Key idea: IMPs - Plans to prepare iwi and hapū to face the challenge of future developments within their home landscapes

Environmental Management Plan – Ngati Rangitihi

A resource management plan prepared by an iwi, iwi authority, rūnanga or hapū. »

Hapu Environmental Management Plan Template

The HEMP is a useful document for whanau/hapū that does just that… but where to begin? A HEMP is developed through discussions with Iwi members, and so gets everyone ‘on the same page’. This shared agreement and written documentation can better equip Iwi representatives to speak with confidence on behalf of the Iwi. »

Iwi Management Plans

The Bay of Plenty Region has 33 Iwi and 147 Hapu. Without Iwi Management Plans (IMP), managing natural resources would be very difficult. This PowerPoint presentation by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council shows how IMP’s can streamline Iwi environmental concerns into regional policy. As well as specific examples of how this has happened, the presentation also provides some helpful diagrams, and gives a ‘feel’ for how IMPs operate in the real world. »

Iwi/Hapu Environmental Management Plans – Guidelines from Whangarei District Council

Whangarei District Council Guideline for preparing and taking into account Iwi/Hapu Environmental Management Plans (HEMP) »


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