The Mauri Model

Building bridges between knowledge systems

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Kepa Morgan 2004 A Tangata Whenua Perspective on Sustainability using the Mauri Model





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Kepa Morgan 2006 Translating Values and Concepts into a decision making framework – application of the Mauri model for integrated performance indicator assessment





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Kepa Morgan 2006 An Indigenous Perspective on Water Recycling





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Intergarting Indigenous values into Geothermal Development

Integrating Indigenous Values Into Geothermal Development






The Mauri Model was developed by Kepa Morgan as a way of translating Māori values and concepts into a format that creates a common ground with scientific or engineering ways of seeing the world. The idea is to create a level playing field between two knowledge systems so that areas of agreement and difference can be identified.

Morgan suggests that any situation or proposal can be analysed in terms whether it enhances or detracts from mauri, in relation to 4 dimensions – the mauri of the environment (integrity of the ecosystem), the mauri of the hapu (integrity of cultural identity), the mauri of the community (well-being of society) and the mauri of the whanau (economic wellbeing).

The model has been applied in a number of situations including restoration of a lake, development of a modern building, geothermal development, water recycling, and a regional ‘Smart Growth’ strategy.

Key idea: The Mauri Model – An innovative way to match ‘western’ resource management frameworks.


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