Sites of Significance

Identifying and recording our significant resources

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NZ Historic Places Trust

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Where and what are the valued sites and resources in your rohe? Why are they important? How might a development proposal affect them? There’s a growing range of tools being used by iwi/hapū to help with these questions.

The ideal is to identify and record significant resources and their cultural values across the whole rohe.  This might include wāhi tapu, wāhi taonga (such as food-gathering or resource-gathering sites) and other significant sites.  It might also include recording stories, waiata, and other values relating to specific places.

Many iwi are using GIS (computer-based Geographical Information Systems) to record sites of significance  across the rohe.

Where appropriate, some of this information can also be shared with councils so that they can be aware of when a proposal might affect resources valued by iwi/hapū.   They can also inform the development of regional and district plans.

Values can also be identified on a case-by-case basis, for example when a development is proposed.  Cultural Impact Assessments are widely used.  Some groups have been using the Mauri model to help communicate with developers or councils how a development might impact on mauri. Even just raising awareness about cultural values in landscapes  can make a difference.

Key idea: Prepare to share with others the significant sites and resources that give you a sense of place


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