Cultural Impact Assessment

Ensuring our cultural concerns are considered in resource management processes

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Cultural Impact Assessment – Hurunui Water project: The Waitaohi Scheme
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A cultural impact assessment (CIA) is a report documenting Maori cultural values, interests and associations with an area or a resource, and the potential impacts of a proposed activity on these.

A CIA is a planning tool that helps to facilitate Maori participation in the planning process. Like other technical reports, a resource consent applicant may commission a CIA and the report is regarded as technical advice. A CIA is not a statutory requirement for a resource consent application; however, an assessment can assist the applicant and consenting authority in responding to issues affecting Tangata Whenua.

The CIA will form part of the applicant’s Assessment of Environmental Effects. A CIA can:
· Identify the effects of a proposed activity on Tangata Whenua cultural associations with the environment.
· Identify or assist identification and formulation of methods to avoid, remedy or mitigate adverse effects on cultural values and associations.
· Suggest what conditions of consent could be applied if consent is granted.
· Provide iwi and hapu with comprehensive information and improved understanding of the proposed activity.

Key idea: Cultural Impact Assessments – Ensuring Maori ways of knowing, doing and understanding the world are shared.


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