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Iwi Consultation Response Form – Synopsis

The idea behind this template is that following the completion of an Iwi Consultation Request Form, Iwi/Hapu need to provide a formal response back to applicant. Approved or Declined with valid reasons for the decision.»


Iwi Consultation Request Form – Synopsis

The idea behind this template is that currently applications for Concessions, Resource Consents and the like, are provided to Iwi/ Hapu with no assessment of the impacts the application may have on the Iwi/Hapu. The form becomes part of the ‘pre-application’ process and Iwi/Hapu provide comment in an informed way based on the information provided by applicants.»


Cultural Impact Assessment Guidelines

A Cultural Impact Assessment (CIA) is undertaken in response to a proposed activity such as a resource consent application or housing development that will impact on tangata whenua. The purpose of a CIA is to avoid, remedy or mitigate those impacts. The guideline shows how writing a CIA can be broken down into six sections, and explains on the type of information to be provided under each section heading. CIA is by no means a strict approach - it can be adapted to be based on unique Iwi/ Hapu values and unique situations.»


Cultural Impact Assessment Sept 03 – Ngai Tahu

The Cultural Impact Assessment (CIA) presented in this article was prepared by Ngai Tahu Iwi in response to an application to upgrade sewage treatment facilities, and to discharge sewage into the ocean. The proposal would impact Ngai Tahu in many ways. This document shows how the CIA helped Ngai Tahu ordered their concerns, and how that led to recommendations that were presented to the Council as part of the CIA.»



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