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Visioning and Strategy

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.»


Shared understanding – resolving differences with dialogue

The way you communicate as environmental managers, or as participants in resource management processes, can result in greatly different environmental management outcomes. Communication approaches range from debating, through discussion, to dialogue. Being aware of, and able to identify and employ, the different communication approaches will make you a more effective environmental practitioner... with dialogue being particularly important in developing shared understandings.»


Consultation and participation in decision-making

People can participate in environmental management projects on a spectrum of different levels.»


Hapu Environmental Management Plan Template

The HEMP is a useful document for whanau/hapū that does just that… but where to begin? A HEMP is developed through discussions with Iwi members, and so gets everyone ‘on the same page’. This shared agreement and written documentation can better equip Iwi representatives to speak with confidence on behalf of the Iwi.»


Collaborative Planning


Submission Template

Writing a submission to local or central government can be a laborious task if starting from scratch. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be so. This template is all about reducing the workload for Iwi/Hapu by making writing a submission as easy as filling in the blanks. The template, which can be used for both local and central government processes, will enable you and your Iwi/Hapu to write an effective submission on important issues, and still have time for a stroll in the garden. [[[or something else leisurely and enjoyable]]]»


RMA Assessment Template

This template has been developed to help Iwi/Hapu to make assessing resource consent applications a familiar and straight forward process. The template will help you become familiar with technical jargon; think about the resource consent in terms of what this means for your Iwi/Hapu; reduce time and effort; and be confident in assessing resource consent applications.»


Iwi Management Plans

The Bay of Plenty Region has 33 Iwi and 147 Hapu. Without Iwi Management Plans (IMP), managing natural resources would be very difficult. This PowerPoint presentation by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council shows how IMP’s can streamline Iwi environmental concerns into regional policy. As well as specific examples of how this has happened, the presentation also provides some helpful diagrams, and gives a ‘feel’ for how IMPs operate in the real world.»


Iwi/Hapu Environmental Management Plans – Guidelines from Whangarei District Council

Whangarei District Council Guideline for preparing and taking into account Iwi/Hapu Environmental Management Plans (HEMP)»



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